The SDSM party banned its officials from visiting bars and restaurants in the pre-election period, and especially from being pictured in one.

The order, signed by SDSM Secretary General Ljupco Nikolovski, calls on the officials “to be mindful of the image we present in the public – there should be no private trips, vacations, restaurant or coffee shop visits – and very important – no photographs from restaurants, vacation, coffee shops, at all”. The order instructs SDSM officials to use their social media accounts for promoting the “SDSM policies, the interest of the people and the country and our electoral campaign”.

This conflicts with Nikolovski’s own personal style, given that, until recently, he would gleefully discuss the latest piece of wardrobe he bought, often while on an official trip abroad. He was raked over the coals for snapping pictures with an Instagram influencer while he was on an official trip to Slovakia.

It’s unlikely that the order will cover the family of party leader Zoran Zaev. His niece Eva and daughter Aleksandra are known for filling their Instagram accounts with pictures from tropical islands and Alpine ski resorts.