The SDMS party began the meeting of its Central Board, during which the issue of Zoran Zaev’s proposed resignations will be discussed. Zaev announced that he will step down as both SDSM party leader and as Prime Minister after his major defeat in the local elections to VMRO-DPMNE.

Zaev’s confidant Muhamed Zekiri said that the majority of the party delegates will be asked about the offered resignations. If Zaev’s remains true, the party will have to organize elections for a new party leader, which are now conducted with a vote from all its members – which is a lengthy procedure.

Zaev is hoping that his successor as party leader will remain as Prime Minister, but that will mostly depend on his coalition partners, a number of which are shaky. SDSM at the moment does not have 61 votes in Parliament and survived the vote of no confidence only by using suspicious methods to get one member of Parliament not to attend the vote.