Serbian opposition leader Dragan Gilas responded to the statement from Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin, who accused Zoran Zaev of allowing funding and protests meant to undermine the Serbian Government get routed through Macedonia.

Vulin spoke after Gilas met with Zaev in Macedonia, and accused Zaev of turning Skopje into what Budapest was in the past – a nexus for regional spy chiefs who provide funding and talking points for the Serbian opposition, its media and weekly protests.

Gilas responded that Vulin’s statement is hostile toward “North Macedonia”.

Statements like the one Minister Vulin made are unfortunately just the opposite of what our policy toward North Macedonia and the Macedonian people should be. It is clear that some individuals still use a language of hatred toward other nations like they did 25 years ago. These scandalous comments from an irresponsible individual will not undermine our friendship, Gilas said.

Vulin made a link between the protests and international coordinated activities to install Zaev in power in Macedonia with the recent events in Serbia, where the opposition said it will walk out of Parliament and began protests. According to Vulin, these activities are being initiated because the Serbian Government has refused to allow foreign diplomats to run the country and is not prepared to undermine its sovereignty on the Kosovo issue.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic also addressed the Gilas – Zaev meeting, saying he has nothing against it, adding that Zaev also met the controversial Serbian politician Nikola Sandulovic.

That is that same crowd, I guess. There were other suspicious businessmen at that meeting. But that is normal, that Government representatives meet with opposition representatives, it is not strange, Vucic said.