The notorious ethnic Albanian group of football fans Shverceri issued a press release insisting that they acted in good order during the celebration of their 30th anniversary in the Macedonian national theater.

The public was shocked by footage of the nationalist group shouting and chanting hateful slogans in the theater and damaging its interior.

Gepostet von Igor Durlovski am Sonntag, 24. November 2019

According to the group, this was an attempt to “denigrate our group with speculations”.

The truth is that we entered in the area where a short documentary film was broadcast, and awards were given to notable members from our club. There was no rampage, no damage was done, we sang our songs and chanted the names of the recipients and we left orderly after checking for any damage, Shverceri (smugglers) said in their press release.

Meanwhile, Vardar’s fans, the Komiti, demanded that the theater allows them to celebrate on the 8th of December. The Komiti fans, who lost one of their members in 2018 after being beaten to death by three Shverceri members, say that the events on Friday are a clear nationalist provocation done with the support of the Zaev Government.

What was once the Macedonian National Theater is now who knows what and we don’t expect much from the vassals of the occupiers who turned the once sovereign country into a banana republic and the butt of jokes in international diplomatic circles. We also celebrate a number of our anniversaries on December 8th and we are publicly asking to be allowed to rent the same theater and celebrate. Although the theater is under a temporary management by the occupiers and no longer carries the name “Macedonian”, it has great emotional and historic value for us and we assure you that we will treat it with the utmost care and respect, as if were our own home, the Komiti say in their press release.

The theater was built in 1927, but was demolished after the devastating 1963 earthquake. It was rebuilt using the old plans in 2013, as part of Nikola Gruevski’s Skopje 2014 project to restore the old glory to Skopje. The opposition from the left and from Albanian nationalist circles to Gruevski and his vision for Macedonia likely contributed to the decision to allow Shverceri to use the theater for a nationalist celebration last week.