VMRO-DPMNE leading candidate for the 1st electoral district Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova promised a 50 percent rise in salaries for healthcare workers, that will be introduced at the beginning of the term of the VMRO led Government. Siljanovska met with doctors and nurses today to discuss the problems they are facing with the huge spike in the coronavirus epidemic.

You are our heroes. I wish the state treated you as such, Siljanovska said, adding that the pay rise would be not just acknowledgement of their work but also an incentive to keep healthcare professionals in Macedonia.

Siljanovska added that it is a disgrace the plan for a major new expansion in the Mother Teresa clinic was cancelled by the SDSM Government. The project was about to break ground when SDSM grabbed power in 2017, and was promptly called off in exchange for a much larger clinical center outside of Skopje which is still in the planning stage.