Incumbent Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov welcomed the increased turnout in the run-off vote in the capital and said that he expects it will favor him.

Turnout is higher compared to the first round and I’m convinced that the people of Skopje, with their massive voting, will choose the city to continue on its path, due to the brave moves we initiated, Silegov said.

Turnout is higher in two downtown areas of Skopje, one of which went to Silegov in the first round, and the other to his opponent Danela Arsovska, but Silegov is also expected to suffer from the collapse in turnout in Albanian majority Saraj. Arsovska won the first round by 8,000 votes. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev staked his position at the top of the Government on Silegov beating Arsovska in the second round.