The opening of borders is not a political decision and one related to elections, but based solely on epidemiological analyses and opinion of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, said interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski on Wednesday.

Spasovski told a press conference that people must learn to live with the virus, observe protective measures, maintain distance and frequently disinfect.

We have said for a while that borders would open depending on the analyses of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, which are based on the epidemiological considerations in our country, the region and the broader surrounding. The European Union has opened its borders for member-states and will do so for third countries on July 1, including our region. We must learn to live with the virus, Spasovski told reporters.

According to him, the strict restrictions have produced maximum effects, with personal responsibility now paramount in order to keep the virus under control.

He said the fact there is no election silence on Election Day is not an omission or an intentional move, adding the State Election Commission (SEC) would define all steps related to the electoral process.

A novelty is that we will have two days for voting because of people in isolation and the COVID-19 cases, the homebound, infirm and aged, so that campaign will last less than 20 days. The more important aspect is the messages that the campaign sends to citizens. Let’s replace hate speech with projects and vision, noted Spasovski.