Regarding the started coordination with the Ministers of Health from the neighboring countries for travel, the Minister of Health Venko Filipce said at Thursday’s press conference that there are different views and national policies on this issue, which need to be coordinated.

On the one hand, some countries testing prior to travel, while others have said that they will not require it. For this purpose, especially considering that we can be very burdened with passengers who transit, but also our citizens who want to travel, including foreigners, in that sense we will consider an alternative to quarantines, if it is decided to do so, said Filipce.

The time when that will start, he said, will come out from these meetings.

To have at least a unified approach at the regional level, so that there is no confusion and one thing is required in one country, and for another in transit something completely different, or at the final destination again a third request.  That’s why the coordination meetings are held and I believe that we will have more information during next week, said Filipce.