In its news today, Telma TV again didn’t have a single news item that would represent the views of the opposition parties. The new editorial policy was heralded when Telma canceled an already scheduled interview with opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski, as the owner of the TV station, the Makpetrol gas station chain, is about to sign a very lucrative settlement with the Zaev regime. Telma’s news have since become a pep-rally for the ruling SDSM party.

In this state of censorship, which was introduced after an interview with VMRO-DPMNE leader was called off, our party is forced to begin using legal options to be represented and to have an option to inform the citizens of its positions. We encourage the journalists not to accept these attempts of censorships and we call on other media outlets who are facing fierce pressure to report in a democratic manner and in line with the journalistic principles, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release.