With the Zaev government, Macedonia is sinking into corruption and crime, and it is not only noticed by VMRO-DPMNE and the citizens, but it is also noticed by the European Commission and relevant international sources, VMRO-DPMNE’s Aleksandar Nacev said at Sunday’s press conference.

The Commission’s report made it clear that corruption is present in many areas and remains a cause for concern. This means that this government has not taken any steps towards reform and there is no real fight against corruption. On the contrary, this assessment confirms our views that it is the government that is the generator of corruption in Macedonia. The report confirmed that Zoran Zaev is the reason why Macedonia on the Transparency International report is ranked 93th right behind Rwanda and Swaziland. Namely, this confirms that the “one euro for Vice” principle is the reason why Macedonia goes backward. This confirms that the suspicious tenders, grants and public procurements awarded to SDSM’s officials and their firms are moving Macedonia away from European values. This only confirms that Macedonia is guided by a criminal cartel whose basic interest is personal wealth, Nacev pointed out.

Moreover, Nacev added, the European Commission’s report notes that there is a serious problem with smuggling at the northern border, a problem that must be further addressed.

Nacev also reminded that the European Commission’s report notes issues related to the oversight and control over the work of intelligence services, which states that this government has not convinced the European Commission that in this area it will run a serious personnel policy based on expert decisions, and not on party personnel.