VMRO-DPMNE says that the latest poll by “Eurotink” for 2022 and the results on corruption in Macedonia and trust in the judiciary have confirmed what they have been saying for several years – that the government led by SDS and DUI is the most corrupt, and the judiciary is under the direct command of the government.

Over 71% of the respondents pointed out that the government deals poorly with corruption, and that it is the root of the problem in the country.

The party adds that a high 51% gave the lowest rating of 1 for addressing corruption in the country, while 20% rated the government with a rating of 2. Only 3% of the respondents gave the government a rating of 5.

The scandals of the general secretaries of the government Raskovski and Zekiri, the case of Dan Doncev, the case of the embezzlement of European money by Lidija Dimova, as well as the case of the Louis Vuitton bag, is only a small part of the thousands of cases of corruption and crime of this incompetent SDS and DUI government.

If we add to this the trust of the citizens in the judiciary and the prosecutor’s office in the country, it is clear that the country is run by criminals.

Historically the lowest level of trust in the judiciary since the independence of the state, with only 6%, clearly speaks of the chains of power in the judicial authorities. A huge 82% of citizens do not trust the judicial authorities in the country.

These results are a confirmation of previous international surveys and reports where Macedonia is placed at the bottom in dealing with corruption and trust in the judiciary.

The government of SDS and DUI lead the country into the abyss. In addition to the inability to deal with the energy and economic crisis, citizens clearly say that crime and corruption are their most pressing problems. For that, early parliamentary elections are needed to finally send the criminals from SDS and DUI to history, says VMRO-DPMNE.