In an interview with Fokus, psychologist Ivan Georgiev warns that the underage youths who participated in the scandalous sexual “education” scout camp will suffer from long term psychological issues. Children in the camp, that was organized by the First Skopje Scout Group – an organization funded by the city of Skopje and the Soros Foundation in Macedonia – were instructed to get naked in front of adult instructors, to paint their genitals, to discuss their sexual experiences and to play “kiss and hug games”.

This amounts to a sexual act performed without permission. Sexual trauma experienced in childhood leads to PTSD, depression, suicidal tendencies, alcohol abuse and eating disorders. This action requires immediate care and attention, Georgiev said.

Instead of providing assistance and investigating the scandal, the Zaev regime is turning to media “fact-checkers” close to them to censor news reports about the scandal.