VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev called out the outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev over his refusal to allow a broad investigation into the finances of the families of politicians. Janusev said that while Zaev himself has reported a relatively modest net worth, his brother, cousins and wider family have seen their businesses soar after he became Prime Minister.

It is well established that Zaev is a dishonest politician. He is now laying the groundwork for his future presidential pardons and is refusing to allow a closer look into his family fortune. He is afraid of this given that he is neck deep in crime and corruption, Janusev said.

Zaev reported 4.3 million denars (70.000 EUR) as personal wealth, and even this is in the form of extended loans. He has not reported stocks in the many construction and cannabis companies his family runs, artwork, or other valuables. This prompted the calls to have a closer look in the Zaev dynasty, especially after the major Racket corruption scandal.

We have witness testimonies that judges, prosecutors and one female minister from the Zaev government was meeting with the main defendant Boki 13. This makes the nervousness in the Government which is evident when we propose examining the property of politicians and their families very understandable, Janusev added.