Pavle Bogoevski no longer has the credibility to be an MP and to lie to the citizens with some reports, opposition VMRO-DPMNE reacted.

There are open doubts that Bogoevski is taking narcotics and that his statements, appearances and decisions have been under the influence of opiates. Pavle Bogoevski should come out and say whether he is a drug addict or not. The only way to prove the opposite is to volunteer to do a drug test and assure the public that it is true what he says. If Bogoevski refuses or does take the drug test, it will be a clear indication that he is addicted to drugs. Regardless if is a matter of heavy drugs or cannabis, taking and trafficking is a criminal offense and in relation to the case, the Public Prosecutor’s Office should file criminal charges against Bogoevski.

The party expects Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to demand his resignation, but also Bogoevski to show moral and political virtue and to hand in his resignation.