Buckovski talks about uncertainty, while the Government is sure that we have just not received a date for negotiations, said VMRO-DPMNE.

With the same narrative as Zaev two years ago, Buckovski is trying to instill insecurity in the public and citizens by announcing uncertainty about the country, which, like neighboring Bulgaria, is a NATO member. What kind of “uncertainty” did Buckovski talk about when his leader said in 2019 that he had resolved all issues with the neighbors and signed the agreement with Bulgaria? Even then, when they signed the agreement with Bulgaria, it was claimed that now is the time, we do not have time to wait, we have to agree with Bulgaria, we just did not get a date for negotiations. After so many false dates for negotiations and the failure of the negotiations with Bulgaria of Zaev’s special favorite, Buckovski is now defending the leader who extended his mandate for a additional 12,000 euros per year. With his views, Buckovski only admitted that Zaev is the weakest link, and defending the leader “without whom it is impossible” confirmed the huge failure that this Government has internationally, especially in the negotiations with Bulgaria. The stay of Zaev, this government and the special envoys like Buckovski in power brings uncertainty for the functioning of the state in general. Buckovski can only boast of his full bank account and protection of the businesses that the Zaev family has in Bulgaria, to the detriment of national interests. This government led by Zaev offers only the past and harmful agreements, with this government of SDSM there is no future and prosperity for the Macedonian people, said VMRO-DPMNE.