The government shamelessly lies to the Macedonian public. The proposal they present as a modified version is the same proposal from a few days ago that contains all the Bulgarian demands. What Kovacevski allegedly refused, now with changed “phrases” he presents as a success. And the truth is the opposite. Macedonia experienced a diplomatic failure, VMRO-DPMNE reacted.

The party points out that by accepting the proposal, Macedonia commits itself to the Bulgarian dictate, which in the future will apply to Macedonian textbooks, about Macedonian history, monuments and historical figures and events.

Literally, this will mean that Macedonia will be obliged to prepare annual reports on the implementation of such changes and if Bulgaria is not satisfied, this will be the reason for a new brake. And we all know what Bulgaria’s absurd and anti-European demands are for Macedonian textbooks, for their positions that all revolutionaries are Bulgarians, that our language is a Bulgarian dialect, that Macedonia is a creation of the Comintern and similar other negative positions that will now become an additional condition of our way. No other country had such conditions to start negotiations with the EU.

Macedonia demands nothing less and nothing more than what other countries had as a condition. This is an ultimatum and for such an ultimatum we say NO THANKS. Kovacevski’s government has neither a vision nor a strategy. After all, their faces speak volumes about the fiasco we are experiencing. They don’t even believe their own lies.

This has to stop. The dignity of Macedonia has no price. That’s why we join the protest initiatives and call on the citizens massively today on the plateau in front of the Government at 7 p.m. to come out en masse to a nationwide gathering where they will say a clear NO to the Proposal and a clear NO to this incompetent and non-national government that brings humiliation and defeats, said VMRO-DPMNE.