VMRO-DPMNE reacts to the data published by the US Institute “Health Data” , which said that in Macedonia there are twice as many deaths from the coronavirus compared to the official figures published by the authorities.

In Macedonia, 482 people per 100 thousand inhabitants died from the coronavirus. This figure is published by the US Institute “Health Data” and ranks Macedonia in the sixth place in terms of mortality rate per 100 thousand inhabitants in the world. Not only that, the US Institute analyzes that the number of deaths is twice as high as the published or official number reported by the authorities in the country. So, Filipce not only did nothing in the fight against the coronavirus, but also hid the number of coronavirus deaths! There are more than a dozen deaths every day, despite the fact that the number of new cases is decreasing. According to “Worldometers”, Macedonia is fourth on the world list in terms of number of deaths per million inhabitants, VMRO-DPMNE said.