Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said Wednesday the Open Balkan initiative is coming from the people of the area, expressing belief that more citizens of Macedonia, Serbia and Albania but also other countries in the region would support it.

This is something unstoppable, a good idea and over the years there will be more and more supporters. I always want to fulfill our relations with essence, so I think it is important to immediately form working groups at the next meeting, which I propose to be somewhere in southern Serbia, ahead of the big summit we have and the fair events at the end of summer in Belgrade. Let’s agree to form working groups that will work on overcoming the difficulties with food stocks and in the field of energy, helping each other to survive the winter, because I think it is of the greatest interest to all citizens of our three countries and the whole region. In the formation of those working groups and those agreements, if they want to participate, the representatives of Montenegro, BiH, Pristina, whoever wishes to participate, are welcome, said Vucic.