After Alternative officially announced that it is joining the government and now the ruling majority has more than 61 MPs. No one can say exactly how many MPs it has eactly because after the leader of Besa, Bilal Kasami, became the mayor of Tetovo, the party lost one MP, and on top of that, the “kidnapped” Kastriot Rexhepi does not know where he belongs.

But the first problems in “paradise” have already begun. Now LDP and DOM are dissatisfied with how many ministerial and director positions Alternative has gotten. These two parties have been behaving as opposition to the government for a long time. They were in a coalition in the local elections, but whenever Zaev’s policies need to be defended, they are here to support him.

The three MPs from DOM and LDP did not show up to vote no confidence in the government and thus once again showed their loyalty to the desire to be in power.

Goran Milevski reacted and said that he would expect a meeting with Zaev at which he would inform him about the agreement they reached with Alternative, after which they would decide whether to remain part of the government.

It remains to be seen whether they will keep their word or Zaev will “buy” them again with several directors and positions on boards.