As the purge in the Zaev Government is set to begin this evening, Republika can report that the position of Transportation Minister Goran Sugareski is in jeopardy, as Zaev intends to replace him with Zoran Kitanov.

Sugareski comes from the Prilep branch of SDSM, while Kitanov is much closer to Zaev, as a person from his own Strumica branch. Sugareski badly mismanaged the department, stopping work on two vital highways connecting Skopje with Stip and Kicevo with Ohrid, and was only able to open the Demir Kapija – Gevgelija highway a year after schedule. Infrastructure spending dropped to single percentages of planned spending, and the issue has badly affected the performance of the whole Government.

On the othe rhand, Kitanov can boast close ties with Zaev’s brother, Vice Zaev. Kitanov’s own brother Goran is working together with Vice on a number of construction projects.

SDSM top officials are set to meet today and put the finishing touches on the planned purge of the most corrupt and incompetent members of Zaev’s Government, a promise Zaev made after he was faced with the disastrous drop in support during the presidential elections.