Steve Bannon, a right-wing ideologue and former chief strategist of US President Donald Trump said that with his help, populist parties would take control of the European Parliament and the European Union after the May elections.

None of those parties need me to win, Bannon said at a press conference in Rome. The best thing I can do for them is what I did for Trump … telling him when he was 10, 12, 14 percent behind: You can win, just hold onto your message firmly and you can win, said Bannon. I am here just to be … a leader of the fans, he added.

Bannon announced an “earthquake” in the EU elections in May, in which “populist movements will take control over the European Parliament, and later on the European Commission.”

He predicted that Italian Interior Minister Mateo Salvini’s right-wing League will become the most influential party in the European Parliament and that the party of opposition French leader Marine Le Pen will be “third and fourth” in power.

After he left the White House in August 2018, Bannon became an ideologue of the European right-wing, forming an “informal” movement based in Brussels that supports populist movements in Europe.