Clinic for Infectious Diseases got Monday UV Guard – device for disinfection of germs and viruses – aimed at strengthening the conditions in this healthcare institution where COVID-19 patients are treated. The device, which is an invention by Macedonian inventors Ivica Pockov and Nikola Gligorov, both from Sveti Nikole, is a donation to the clinic, Health Ministry said on Monday.

The device disinfects both surfaces and air, works with UVC rays of 254 nanometers, kills microorganisms, by destroying their nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. Since the device is remotely controlled, UV rays reach places that are inaccessible and 100% eliminate viruses and bacteria, press release reads.

We want to help our healthcare workers. The UV Guard is a device that disinfects viruses and bacteria. The device is portable and works both on electricity and batteries, which is a great opportunity to disinfect places where there is no electrical installation. We are hoping that we will help the clinic since the healthcare workers are at the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 and deserve our greatest support, Pockov said.

Health Ministry said that UV Guard device will also be donated to the Skopje-based Clinic of Pulmonology and Allergology by week’s end.