Four new coronavirus cases among textile workers in Stip have been confirmed on Wednesday.

The total number of workers positive for COVID-19 has risen to ten. The textile plant has been closed since Tuesday.

Public health authorities said that six more COVID-19 swabs will be taken on Wednesday that are related to the textile plant. Coronavirus surveys are being conducted to identify workers from other plants who were being transported on the same bus with the workers of the said textile plant.

Currently, 55 workers and members of their families are placed in isolation, in order to monitor their condition.

Director of Stip hospital Alem Gjeorgjiev told MIA that a total of nine coronavirus patients are being treated at the infectious wards, of which four are textile workers, adding that their health condition is good.

Healthcare workers and local authorities are urging citizens to abide by COVID-19 measures as maintaining physical distance from others, wearing face masks and washing their hands frequently which can help reduce the spread of the virus.