Armin Alibasic, a member of a Wahhabi movement dubbed “Dava Tim Centar” who was arrested on January 13 in Novi Pazar, was preparing a terrorist attack.

According to Blic, Alibasic was prevented in this attempt by officers from the Security and Information Agency (BIA) and by the police.

Alibasic spent several hours before being arrested in a village near the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Djurdjevi Stupovi, where he had been practicing martial arts in previous years, as well as tactical military training, and camping and survival.

“Armin was monitored and stopped in Novi Pazar, and he was carrying a backpack with him. There was an air rifle with an optical sight and corresponding pellets. He carried a knife on his belt, as well as a USB stick,” an unnamed source told the daily.

According to information Blic said it learned, in the attic of the Alibasic family home in Novi Pazar the police discovered an improvised chemical laboratory with a large amount of chemicals, elements intended for filling, such as metal shavings, which are used to make improvised explosive devices, a manual for making explosive devices, notes about cities and their distances from Novi Pazar, flags of the terrorist organization “Islamic State,” machetes and several improvised practicing targets.

“In the previous period, Alibasic made explosive devices that he would test in nature and while fishing. That is why there is suspicion he was planning a terrorist attack in our country in the upcoming days,” the source said.

Alibasic was detained and questioned by the prosecution. One of the leaders of “Dava Tim,” Amir Bisevac, reportedly commented that he was worried about Alibasic “doing something he shouldn’t.”

Blic said it learned that Alibasic was not responding to telephone calls from his close ideological connections for several days, which caused their concern.