Macedonian filmmaker Milcho Manchevski is holding a series of masterclasses and lectures at the Arizona State University, US, also featuring screening of his films Before the Rain, Mothers and Bikini Moon.

The series of masterclasses are taking place at the Sidney Poitier New American Film School, and kicked off with a screening and discussion on Bikini Moon – Manchevski’s 2017 film, featuring the story of a charismatic homeless woman who captures the attention of a documentary film crew ready to exploit her story for their own shot at independent movie fame.

Manchevski’s masterclasses will focus on his art of filmmaking including, among other, a presentation of his techniques for working with actors and the film crew. His visit at the Arizona State University will conclude with a lecture at the Melikian Center.

His films are part of the curricula at numerous universities worldwide, and have been discoursed at a number of conferences. The University of Leipzig (Germany) and the European University Institute in Florence (Italy) hosted academic conferences dedicated, respectively, to Before the Rain and Dust.