Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi announced on Thursday that there may be further anti-crisis measures to anticipate in November. He emphasized the diligent work underway to formulate these measures, involving discussions with chambers of commerce and other key stakeholders.

Minister Bekteshi expressed his gratitude to businesses, particularly domestic producers, for their voluntary efforts in reducing prices during challenging times.

He also highlighted that data indicates a decline in retail prices, especially in product categories affected by government decisions. Additionally, there is evidence of price decreases in various other product groups.

Regarding the forthcoming anti-crisis measures, Bekteshi mentioned that the drafts are already in their final stages. Consultations with chambers and other stakeholders are ongoing, with plans to publicly unveil the measures by the end of the month. He stressed the importance of maintaining a cautious approach and not imposing his personal preferences on the individuals responsible for formulating the measures.

Minister Bekteshi underscored the government’s commitment to a public-private partnership model, which includes input from chambers and unions in the form of analyses, proposals, suggestions, and needs. These measures are being designed in accordance with the available budgetary resources. While expressing his desire to extend support to more people, he emphasized that proposals must align with budgetary constraints.