The IVAP association of restaurantiers, wedding organizers and other hospitality groups gave five days to the Government to meet with them, and announced “radical protests” if it fails. The industry group demands subsidies after the Government largely shut down its activities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

We tried to be constructive, to prevent the spread, but the Government is not constructive toward us and after a year of working with completely limited capacity we are left without our basic dignity and our ability to provide for ourselves. The package of measures that was meant to help us was not put in use and even if it was, it will not be enough to help us. We are forced to fight for the survival of our companies, the IVAP association said in a press release in which it demands a meeting with Prime Minister Zaev.

A new stimulus package is put before the Parliament but Zaev’s coalition has been unable to find the votes to schedule a session, while refusing offers from the opposition to provide a quorum.