This afternoon, the Vice-President of the Assembly, Goran Misovski, interrupted the continuation of the parliamentary affairs session shortly after it began. This interruption occurred following a procedural request by MP Dafina Stojanovska, who called for the resignation of the entire Government. Once again, she accused the Vice-Prime Minister for European Affairs, Bojan Maricic, of misconduct.

Citing Article 219 of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, Stojanovska formally requested the resignation of the Government, and her fellow colleagues from the parliamentary group supported her in this action, standing behind her at the podium.

The deputy from VMRO-DPMNE asserted that what Maricic had done was not merely an attack on her, as in the case of Dafina Stojanovska, but rather an uncivilized gesture directed towards a deputy of this Assembly.
ice-President of the Assembly, Misovski, informed Stojanovska that he would not permit VMRO-DPMNE deputies to assess allegiances to either Mickoski or Nikola Gruevski behind his back. He suggested that it was evident that the opposition party’s deputies were not interested in a session addressing parliamentary matters. Subsequently, he halted the session, provoking a loud response from VMRO-DPMNE deputies.