Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said that 70 percent of all healthcare workers have expressed their itnent to take the coronavirus vaccine. Modest immunization began today, with over a 100 doctors and nurses taking Pfizer vaccines donated by Serbia, and the current donation is enough for 2,300 people.

Healthcare workers registered with their superiors and we are now preparing the best schedule for them to receive the vaccine. The process is going great, it is centralized and under full control. These first 2-3 days the vaccine will be available in Skopje, and then in hospitals across the country. We will include employees of private hospitals too, Filipce said.

He added that about half of the current cases of Covid-19 are caused by the British mutation of the virus, which has spread rapidly over the past weeks. According to the Minister, there currently are no major changes in the number of hospitalizations because of the new strain, but the public healthcare sector is preparing, because the strain seems much more virulent.