Agapi Dika, one of the officials of the International Association – a bogus charity used by Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 to extort money from businesses – is being questioned today.

According to the allegations, Boki 13 used the International Association to get at least a million EUR from two companies. It is still unclear whether the money were paid in order to shield the company owners from criminal investigation, as part of a real estate development deal which Boki 13 was promoting, or a combination of both.

Agapi Dika is the sister of Meri Dika Georgievska, a powerful Skopje Appeals Court judge, who was named in media reports as protecting Boki 13 from scrutiny.

The International Association included top SDMS party officials, such as Frosina Remenski and Kostadin Kostadinov as its members and supporters. Another official from the bogus charity, Jovanka Kuhar, was interrogated yesterday. It’s expected that real-estate developer Zoran Azmanov, who publicly accused Boki 13 of trying to shake him down, will also testify before the prosecutors today.