DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti said that ideally he would prefer to continue his coalition with SDSM, pointing at the numerous concessions SDSM made with Macedonian national interests and saying that “we have things we started that should be finished”. But, in an interview with Alsat TV, Ahmeti said that the coalition will be up to the voters to decide.

I would not like to speak before hand, but in my estimate, it would be useful if we continued with the same partners to work on he issues we started, Ahmeti said.

Under the SDSM – DUI coalition, Macedonia was forced to accept a humiliating name change, to open a process of redefining the Macedonian national identity, and the Tirana platform host of Albanian nationalist demands. But Ahmeti, who is fighting with SDSM and the Alliance of Albanians for the Albanian vote, now demands that the future coalition accepts an ethnic Albanian to be Prime Minister – a request which even Zaev rejected – for the time being.