Albanian opposition parties accused the ruling DUI party of corruption, citing a number of recent scandals. Among them is the hiring of the Eurovia company, owned by people close to DUI, for major public contracts, after the company donated large sums to the party.

Eurovia was named a major subcontractor in the Bechtel highway deal, strongly supported by the US Embassy in Macedonia.

The linked companies Eurovia and AK Invest are the largest DUI party donors. Even the presence of the US Ambassador is abused to cover up this corruption. Did Artan Grubi inform Ambassador Angela Aggeler that her presence at a groundbreaking ceremony will be used to cover up the new corruption scandals involving DUI party donors? How many millions will land in the accounts of these two companies, and what share of those will then end up in the DUI party coffers?, said Fadil Zendeli, member of Parliament for the BESA party, speaking on behalf of the group of BESA-Alternative-Democratic Movement parties who are teaming up to take on DUI.