Archbishop Stefan, the head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Archbishopric of Ohrid (MPC-OA), demands an apology from the Macedonian state television MRT, for presenting him only as Archbishop of Ohrid during the Christmas concert. What could be a small omission comes at a time when the church is gaining international recognition, but with caveats – the Greek church wants MPC-OA to give up the name Macedonian, while the Bulgarian church also claims the title of the See of Ohrid.

This was a major, hopefully inadvertent, omission. Instead of the title Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonian, the title Archbishop of Ohrid was used. We ask you to publish a correction to this serious oversight today. If you fail to do so, we will be forced to review our further cooperation with the public service television, the office of Archbishop Stefan said in a statement that is addressed to MRT.