Mayor Danela Arsovska should not take out her frustrations on innocent people employed with the PE Water Supply and Sewerage – Skopje. The announcement of the dismissal of 100 people, some of whom were inherited from the previous management and have been working honestly for two or more years, is an extremely senseless and unreasonable move, VMRO-DPMNE notes.

Arsovska, informally known for the sentence “as of tomorrow he should be gone,” ordered the dismissal of 100 employees of PE Water Supply and Sewerage, leaving them jobless and without a livelihood. Perhaps the mayor’s nervousness results from the EIB report, which denies her accusations and confirms that the tender procedure for the construction of the sewage treatment plant in Skopje was conducted correctly. But her personal feelings must not be a reason to take revenge on the employees of the public enterprise.

As a matter of fact, the appeals of the branch unions at the SSM speak for the fact that Arsovska is not right, especially if one takes into account the economic situation in which the state is and the existence of 100 families from the salary in PE Water Supply and Sewerage.

By the way, the inspection carried out two months ago by the State Labor Inspectorate in the public enterprise saw a crystal clear condition, which only shows that these 100 people conscientiously and responsibly did their work. Hence, we believe that Arsovska should come to its senses and not wage its battles on the backs of the citizens, said the opposition party.