Arianit Hoxha from the BESA party points to the results from the 2021 census as evidence that ethnic Albanians continue to emigrate out of Macedonia in large numbers – which he blames on the co-ruling DUI party.

Our analysis of the data led us to several points we want to share with the public. It’s a fact that the longer DUI leads the state institutions, with its cadre of incompetents, politically affiliated official, the more Albanians are leaving their home towns. This process of mass exodus of Albanians must be stopped immediately. This can be done only by improving the living conditions and opening new jobs, and that will follow only after we remove DUI from power, said Hoxha.

The share of Albanians among the resident population remained the same as in the 2002 census, but the community was hoping it will increase because of their relatively high birth rate. The share of Albanians as percentage of all citizens rose to 30, but this is due to the controversial decision to include the diaspora – all emigrants – in the census.