Rexhep Demiri, Macedonia’s Consul in Munich, Germany, congratulated Saturday on Facebook the “liberation” of Slupcane and Karadakun.

Hundreds of soldiers of the National Liberation Army – occupy points to protect the Albanian homeland, rights and breath everywhere. Always in our memories, martyrs of the nation. Glory be to them, the consul wrote.

Demiri is a former member of the terrorist organization UCK who was appointed Consul at the Macedonian Consulate General in Munich in July 2019.

On May 4, about 4,000 Albanian guerrillas from Kosovo infiltrated Macedonian territory and conquered much of northern Macedonia, mainly the area around Kumanovo. With this, another battlefield was opened. Battle were fought in the villages of Slupcane, Vaksince, Matejce, Lipkovo, Orizari, Otlja, etc. The development of the war at that time was on the side of the NLA. This was followed by two weeks of fighting. On May 24, Macedonian security forces launched a major operation in the villages of Vaksince and Slupcane, liberating Vaksince.