Interim Interior Minister Nake Culev said that the interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski is obstructing the work of the Interior Ministry. Spasovski is attempting to cancel out more than a 100 appointments that Culev made in the Interior Ministry. Under the 100 days rule, Culev has the right to make a given number of appointments, to ensure that the police is not abused in favor of the ruling SDSM party in the run up to the elections.

The Government met on February 15 and voted to cancel five of my appointments. It’s unclear how, but the order was published in the official gazzette dated the same day, but in it, the number of canceled appointments is increased to 124. The Government never made this decision, Culev said.

The Interior Minister called on state prosecutors to investigate how this order got changed and published. “The investigation into this case of falsification of Government decisions needs to be conducted urgently as the evidence can be made to dissapear”, Culev added.