Defense Minister Slavjanka Petrovska acknowledged the veracity of the psychiatric report, showing tha she suffered anxiety and distress.

The reports were used in Petrovska’s slander lawsuit against VMRO-DPMNE official Dragan Kovacki, as she seeks damages for hurt she suffered from his comments. But Kovacki responded that if she is in psychological distress, she should resign from the highly responsible position she holds.

I have nothing to hide about events that happened in my life 10 or 15 years ago, or now. But I don’t think that should be of public interest. I submitted the psychiatric report in my lawsuit, as his lies disturbed me and my father, Petrovska said.

Petrovska is often used by SDSM as an attack politician, deploying often low insults against opposition candidates – most notably during the 2021 local elections. She’s now indicating that she has a folder of documents that will hurt Kovacki, but is not making it public at the moment.