The Democratic Alliance considers the amendments to the Criminal Code by which the jail sentences for abuse of office and criminal association are reduced significantly, as well as the complete decriminalization of public purchases when the state suffers damage, are opening the way for further criminalization and promote the principle of legalization of the high corruption by government officials.

It is clear that this is a brutal attack on the rule of law and justice.

These amendments pardon the current officials from any criminal accountability, and will also prove beneficial to those already condemned for these types of crimes.

It would have been much more beneficial to the country if they just declared an amnesty for those serving their jail sentences for involvement in the events of April 27, 2017, which would genuinely correct the injustice done to them. The amnesty declared at the time was to aid the constitutional amendments related to the Prespa Agreement.

The crime is dissolving the institutions and endangers the state.

This criminal leadership of the country cannot be a credible factor in dealing with the international community, let alone to protect the national and state interests, the Democratic Alliance wrote in their reaction.