In an interview with “Kurir”, the President of the State Election Commission Oliver Derkoski said that in these two months he appealed to all those who will decide to hold the elections to be careful how they make the decisions because our country is in the midst of a pandemic.

It is clear that the current situation in the country poses new challenges and it is clear that we should be careful with every step taken. If elections are organized in such conditions, it will probably be necessary to engage much more human resources and protective equipment, and all that means more financial means, says Derkoski.

He adds that the SEC will have to conduct the elections if a decision is made, although in this situation the process will be very complicated.

He adds that it is not possible to hold elections 22 days after the state of emergency is lifted, because there’s no voter list, and says that he, as president of the SEC, will not sign that voter list and he hopes that some of his colleagues would do the same.