The Democratic Union for Integration, the Albanian coalition partner in the government today at a press conference held by the mayor of Debar, Hekuran Duka, asked for threefold increase of coronavirus testing, and as they say, go back to normal faster and avoid another wave.

So far, 19,739 tests have been performed in Macedonia, with 1,694 positive cases. Even if the number of tests in the country has increased in recent days, it is because DUI insists on this request in the Government, and should continue to increase the number of tests even more and immediately. We need to be at the top of the region and among the best in Europe. As a future EU candidate, we must now act as an EU member state, or better yet. This means that we have to increase the number of tests per capita at least threefold. As a first step, you need at least 500 tests a day, and then quickly reach the number of 750 tests a day, said Duka.