“DUI – deal oriented” – this is, probably, the best name for the ruling party from Mala Rechica, Tetovo. There virtually no high party official that is not engaged in some kind of a business. And we are not talking about small businesses, shops or hairdressers – they are all in the most profitable businesses, as the real estate and the electricity production.

The latest example is the acquisition of the very attractive Business Center in the center of Skopje, Soravia, by thee DUI’s leader Ali Ahmeti’s nephew, Dren Ahmeti. The favorite uncle’s nephew also has other companies connected to Government tenders and payments.

Ali Ahmeti, of course, didn’t forget his own son, Shkumbin Ahmeti, who started an electricity production business with a foreign partner.

Arijanit Xhaferi, son of the former Vice-Chair of DUI, Musa Xhaferi, owns a company trading with electricity, U-Power. Arijanit even physically attacked the  President  of the Electricity Regulation Commission, Marko Bislimovski, after he revoked his license. Needless to say, no  serious legal actions were  taken against him.

Another recently successful businessman is the DUI Vice-Chair Artan Grubi’s brother, Veton Grubi. Veton bought a shop at the most attractive commercial part of the city, Macedonia street, for a price almost seven times smaller than the market one.