What Brussels and the EU member states did is a colossal humiliation of Macedonia, says journalist Vasko Eftov, after the EU member states refused to allow Macedonia to open accession talks on Tuesday.

I have no respect for Zoran Zaev’s policies. I consider him and his Government’s policies as dangerous for the Macedonian national interests. I do not accept EU and NATO membership under these miserable conditions. But, what Brussels and the EU member states did yesterday is a COLOSSAL humiliation of an entire people and a country which, I fear, is condemned to make a choice between what is essentially vegetation and dramatic disappearance, Eftov said.

Macedonians were told that the imposed name change will automatically open doors for EU membership, but the outcome of the European Council preparatory meeting on Tuesday was such that the Greek veto was merely replaced with vetoes from several, much greater member states, including France.