The decision by Zoran Zaev to appoint Dusko Veskovski as the new organizational secretary of SDSM raised eyebrows even among SDSM party supporters.

Veskoski, the director of the Skopje water utility company, was appointed to the high level office in the party instead of former intelligence office Mile Zecevik, who is one of the most powerful advisers of Zaev. But, the move comes after Veskovski was publicly criticized for signing exceptionally lucrative consulting and legal services contracts with lawyers close to the party, including Zecevik himself.

This is what Zaev’s “operation broom” turned into. He appointed this kid Veskovski as head of the water company, and he gives 555.000 EUR in a year to lawyers close to SDSM, 77.000 out of that to the SDSM organizational secretary Zecevik. How can we allow half a million EUR to be pumped out of a public company, which has its own legal team, to outside lawyers? How can the Anti-Corruption Commission remain silent over this? And now, after giving 77.000 EUR to Zecevik, Veskovski takes his place in the party. This is your broom? Do you take us for fools?, wrote journalist Jordanka Ivanovska – Joci, a former outspoken supporter of SDSM, who now condemns the ruling party for its corruption.