Speaking for the Greek ERT station, Foreign Minister Georgios Katrougalos reminded Macedonia that, with the first post-Prespa European Council dedicated to enlargement, the country is now under obligation to respect and implement the treaty.

Macedonia was denied opening accession talks despite signing the imposed Prespa treaty, with Greece reportedly abstaining as other, greater countries such as France led the No camp. Cyprus, which often coordinates its foreign policy decisions with Greece, was also reportedly opposed, citing its request that the EU adopts a tougher line against Turkey.

Respect for the treaty is now an obligation so that our neighbors have a future in Europe, Katrougalos said.

Elements of the implementation of the treaty are tied with Macedonia’s progress in the EU accession and it is unclear how it will get implemented if talks don’t start, although the Zaev regime seems happy to go along with it anyway.

Katrougalos insisted that the treaty will help put an end to nationalism in the region and will bring about a bright future for both countries.