The State Electoral Commission begins to review the over 2.000 complaints it received from the political parties about the conduct of the early general elections, and especially their chaotic aftermath that raised serious doubts about the accuracy of the count.

The bulk of the received complaints come from the small leftist Levica party, which insists that it won five instead of the projected two seats. The Alliance of Albanians also objects to over 150 polling stations where it says it faced intimidation and ballot stuffing from its rivals DUI and SDSM. SDSM and DUI did not file any complaints.

But the main request comes from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party which insists on a full manual recount, in light of the failures during the counting of the votes. The Electoral Commission suffered an alleged hacking attack just as the vote counting began and instead of having accurate and detailed results within hours, broad preliminary results were only published almost 24 hours later. The SEC will reach its decisions today and tomorrow.