The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Wednesday it has so far not received any information of possibly affected Macedonian nationals in Tuesday’s deadly explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.

The Foreign Ministry is taking all necessary measures and activities to obtain relevant information regarding Macedonian nationals who could possibly be affected after Tuesday’s massive blast in Lebanon.

So far, no citizen of Macedonia who could be in Lebanon has contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for assistance of any kind. Those who are in Lebanon, and need any information or assistance should immediately contact the service of the Foreign Ministry: +389 75 273 732 or International SOS phone numbers of the following diplomatic missions of Macedonia: Ankara +90 539 456 97 10, Istanbul +90 545 614 97 77, Doha +974 665 979 44, Cairo +201002898673, Abu Dhabi +971 564 417 552. These phone numbers are also available on Viber and WhatsApp apps, the press release reads.