As Skopje authorities are demolishing a number of cafe terraces in the downtown, VMRO-DPMNE Council member Luke Galeski asked Mayor Petre Silegov when does he intend to demolish the unlawfully built lakeside platforms in the Matka canyon.

The public has been warning about the construction in this strictly protected area, but the Mayor of the local district Saraj, and Silegov, did not make a move.

You say there is good cooperation with Saraj, but this doesn’t translate into upholding the laws. You allowed construction to go wild in the protected zone, although you had all the necessary information, Galeski told Silegov.

Galeski asked if the record setting number of votes which the SDSM presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski won in Saraj, as in other majority Albanian districts, influenced the decision not to do anything about the unlawful construction.