After a delay of several days, useful to process the Raskovski scandal, jounalist Branko Geroski published the next installment of the previous major corruption affair to rock the Zoran Zaev Government.

Geroski published the latest essay in his Plusinfo news site, and he continues to conceal the names of the main actors in what he claims is a major corruption scandal involving a media mogul, two major SDSM party figures and other ancillary characters. Geroski uses “Koki” for the media mogul and “Kiki” for the primary SDSM official. Bojan Jovanovski, better known as the flamboyant character Boki 13, who is the owner of the quickly expanding 1TV, himself revealed that he is the character “Koki” from Geroski’s essays, while denying his chief allegations against him.

Geroski claimed that “Koki” and “Kiki”, who was identified by some commentators as recently deposed SDSM party Secretary General Aleksandar Kiracovski, used wiretaps to extort bribes from a former Mayor, nearly scared a small hotel owner to death when they demanded 200.000 EUR in bribes from him and tried to take over publicly owned land in a number of SDSM ran municipalities using a bogus humanitarian organization as a front.

In the latest installment, Geroski claims that the group is falling out of favor in SDSM and faces scrutiny, but not serious investigations yet, which is the reason why, he adds, he continues to use the made up names “Kiki” and “Koki”.

The Government is beginning to disentangle from this dangerous racketeering group and is cutting its umbilical cord. For starters, Koki, who is one of the chief facilitators in the racketeering was hit, and lost his position in the party. It’s likely that somebody at the helm of the state concluded that things have gone too far and that they could all face consequences.

Geroski now claims that another SDSM party official, who he identifies as a female figure (again easily distinguishable despite the fake name which Geroski gives her – “Friki”) is the main supporter of the media mogul in the ruling party. Geroski claims that “Friki” lobbied that the media outlet used for these blackmails receives a main share of the money Zaev’s Government distributed to promote its ultimately failed September 2018 referendum on the proposed name change.

The public funds were thrown away, given to a low influence media outlet. Somebody needs to be held responsible for that, Geroski says, pointing his finger to “Friki”.

The journalist who was until recently close to Zaev and SDSM, also claims that “Friki” tried to extort a significant sum of money (Geroski cites his sources who put the figure at a million EUR) from a mobile operator.

The company was already running ads in Koki’s media outlet, but for a modest sum. But our Tsar was not satisfied with this and he tried to get the manager of the mobile operator to fund him with a significant sum. “Friki” was allegedly involved in this persuasion attempt, Geroski writes, adding that “Friki” already faces an “EU initiated investigation”.

“A European media expert, who was involved in the preparation of the European reports on Macedonian media in 2015 and in 2017 flew into Skopje a few days ago, and this adds to “Koki’s” woes. It is believed that his visit is related to this investigation, and the person was asking questions mostly about Koki and the scandals involved with him. People who spoke with him say that he was deeply acquainted with the situation, including “Friki’s” role in these undertakings”, Geroski claims.