Journalist Branko Geroski, who was given inside access to the investigation into the Boki 13/Katica Janeva scandal, called on the SDSM party to stop trying to spin away its responsibility in the corruption allegations and own up and purge itself from its corrupt members.

Geroski accused Prime Minister and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev of dragging his feet in the necessary purge of the party, which he says has compounded the problem.

There is still time for a quick and life-saving surgical operation to remove the diseases tissue, but your leaders, comrades, don’t show even the most basic sense of the severity fo the situation they face and so badly manage. You and I and the whole of Macedonia desperately wish they wise up and make the right moves in the last minute, Geroski writes in his Plusinfo news site.

His latest articles have pointed the finger at SDSM deputy leader Radmila Sekerinska, who is also Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister. Fearful that the investigation would lead to her, or Zaev, the ruling SDSM party has opted to try and curtail the investigation, and its spokesmen are floundering as they attempt to accuse the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party of helping in the publication of some of the evidence in the scandal.

Comrades, your attempts to spin this as the fault of VMRO, of Nikola Gruevski or Hristijan Mickoski are dumb as a post. Or course that VMRO will try to make hay out of the scandal. Unfortunately, you are the ones manufacturing scandals each and every day. Who is to blame for that? Remember what you did when you were in the opposition. Literally every day you and I, together, picked apart the mistakes, stupidity and scandals of the Gruevski regime. You liked it then? Remember what the front pages of my newspaper looked like then?, Geroski writes to his friends in the SDSM party.

The journalist, who strongly supported the SDSM party takeover between 2015 and 2017, now warns them that the scandal and their mishandling of it will bring down the Zaev Government.